First Time’s the Charm

I’m sitting in a Chicago Barnes & Noble right now. I forced myself to get out of the house, thinking that buying a book or two then writing a bit would cure me of my weekend lethargy. I was half right—it’s incredibly humid in the Windy City right now and I’m rather sweaty from the walk over here, which, incidentally, was twice as long as it should have been because I was on the phone with my mom, spaced out, and took a few wrong turns. It wasn’t until we hung up that I realized I was a mile further east than I should have been. 

Starved Rock
Definitely not Barnes & Noble

I digress, and I probably will again. You’ve been warned. I’m here because I’ve been talking people’s ears off about a blog I’ve been meaning to launch—the one you’re reading now—and I chose today actually start. Why? I wish it was because some motivation got bad directions from an unhinged man on the street and ended up in my head. But it’s not. It’s because my two best friends with whom I would otherwise have plans are both gone for the weekend, and my roommate politely declined my invitation to go shopping for plants (we’re going tomorrow, so I’m not bitter).

(You don’t know this because you’re hopefully reading this post as a cohesive whole, but I just took a 10 minute break to play Tiny Tower on my phone. Priorities.)

But enough about me. Let’s talk about this blog. Which is about me.

I do a lot of fun things. My friends and I go to trivia, see movies, attend concerts, play many board games, frequent a dive bar near my house, and much more. Typically, during any of these activities, we can be found arguing over who is the leader of our group or whether I cheat at Monopoly (I don’t—I just make great deals. And sometimes cheat.). Despite all this, I do find those times where I’m just lying around doing nothing, and they’re a bit too frequent. Enter this project: Cole Tries New Things. I even have a fancy logo!

The premise is self-explanatory, so please explain it to yourself. Done? Good.

Each week I’ll publish a post about something new I tried. The threshold here is flexible, mainly because this post is cheating; I’ve started at least three blogs before. Whoops. But the idea is to try things I’m unfamiliar with, so the sky’s the limit. It could be trying a new type of food, playing a new sport, jumping out of a plane (that’ll happen in November, so stay tuned!), or conquering a fear.

But Cole, why do you need to write about these things? Great question, imaginary reader. Other than the major factor of pure self-indulgence, I hope my friends and family enjoy reading about my new experiences. And I hope that they’ll suggest new things for me to try! In a perfect world, others would see this and want to try new things themselves. If not, I still get to do a bunch of cool stuff, so joke’s on them.

Expect to see a regular cast of characters here, too. My friends Erin and Dylan take most of the pictures and GIFs (I pronounce it “jiff”) for the blog, so they’ll tag along on most of my excursions. I’ll bring other folks along as opportunities present themselves, and I’ll likely focus on one innocuous but hilarious personality trait when I write about them. For example, Dylan has a mysterious affection for pretzels that I’m convinced is sexual. Pretzels are good. I get it. But not THAT good.

Anyway, if you stuck around this long, thanks! And enjoy Cole Tries New Things!

Next Post: Cole picks up the mic and talks. A lot.