Pumped About Plants

This Sunday has been particularly productive for me, so I decided to finish off the weekend with a bonus blog post! This one features my roommate Daniel, who, despite his promise to accompany me to the plant store the day after I wrote my first blog post, never took me there. He made up for this foible today, and we had quite the experience.

Before I start, let’s talk about Marimo algae balls. I bought two of them, and they’re quite possibly the cutest things ever. They closely resemble pygmy puffs from Harry Potter, so I fittingly named them Fred and George at a friend’s suggestion. Take a gander:

Marimo Algae

Back to business. Dan came home a few weeks ago with four cacti, one of which looked remarkably phallic and took residence in a pot shaped like a baby elephant. The other three sat lonely in their tiny brown pots, so we decided to take action. We headed over to a plant shop in the Ukrainian Village/West Town neighborhood. We bought soil, sand, charcoal, rocks, decorative stones, moss, and a nifty glass container. Here we are cheesin’ with all our supplies:


Rather than painstakingly describe for you the labor of love that is constructing a terrarium, I’ll show you in a timelapse video. Dan may or may not have stood with his bum right in front of the camera for a bit, but that’s only like a second in timelapse time. What you’ll probably miss is a particularly aggressive cactus poking me multiple times before I finally succeed at placing him in his new home.

And the final product makes for a lovely centerpiece on our coffee table!

Check back on Tuesday for your regularly scheduled Cole Tries fix! After all this plant talk, be ready for a meaty mechanical beast.