Viva Las Vegas

Being the very important business man that I am, I frequently take very important business trips. Most of the time, these trips bring me to Las Vegas, Nevada, where there’s absolutely no shortage of thrills ripe for the seeking. During this trip, I bought myself a one-way ticket to the top of the Stratosphere tower just so I could jump to the bottom.

The Stratosphere SkyJump is essentially a mix of freefalling and bungee jumping. You fall 108 stories and slow down to a breezy landing at the bottom.

I had a handy dandy wrist-cam to record the adventure, and my intro video shows how much of a dingus I am when I’m absolutely horrified (note: I’m also a dingus when I feel literally any other feeling):

I am tempted to blame my inability to speak eloquently on the tight harness, but I was remarkably terrified. I was standing outside the jump area with two ladies, and I insisted they go first. This was mistake number 2; mistake number 1 was deciding to jump off the Stratosphere. Watching the pair of them jump off made me want to vomit.

After they were clear, I stepped into the boarding area, shaking uncontrollably. It only got worse as they checked my harness 12 times and had me step out onto the ledge. Here I am trying to hold myself together:


At that point, I was pretty certain my death was imminent. And I was choosing to go ahead with it. In spite of my fear, I jumped right as the guy in the picture counted me down.

I survived (barely) and couldn’t stop shaking for about a half hour post-jump. I feel prepared for an even bigger daredevil stunt I have scheduled for next month. But for now, my new things keep my feet firmly planted on the ground, or at least close to it.


In my next post, I get up-close and personal with some wax.

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