This is Halloween

I’ll get this out of the way first–I’ve carved pumpkins many times before. I’ve never done it particularly well; despite years of practice, my jack-o-lanterns are…subpar. This aligns with my inability to do any arts or crafts, so I don’t let it get to me, even though my mom laughs whenever I show her my misguided attempts to carve intricate Harry Potter-themed designs.


Enough about me, though. This was Christina’s first time ever carving a pumpkin, so we did it right. With The Nightmare Before Christmas playing in the background, we jumped right in. She learned all the ins and outs: how to cut the stem off, how to scrape the goop out, and how to cut along a curved line, which is every pumpkin carver’s dream. She carved an adorable little baby face into hers. Dylan chose a cat, the inferior house pet, and Erin went with Oogie Boogie. I, determined to show my mom that I’m worth something when it comes to arts and crafts and also cheer on my alma mater, painstakingly carved a tigerhawk. Go Hawks!

Christina gave pumpkin carving very high marks: “It was more labor intensive than I expected.” I’m sure she’s already planning for next year.

In my next post, I take a break from writing and talk a lot.