Zoot Scoot Riot

Our tomfoolery at Opium during our second night in Barcelona led to a very slow morning on day three. The video below summarizes the result of our drunkenness and tells the story of our entire stay in Spain.

As you could see, we were out of commission the morning after our nightclub experience. We missed our walking tour and had a late start. The first event in our newly rescheduled day was an afternoon sail on the Mediterranean. We met Skipper Dave at the marina and boarded the ship. We were halfway out of the harbor when he told us we had to turn back and cancel the tour–it was too windy, and the ship’s motor was rendered ineffective by the strong gusts. Still, we were on the boat for 10 minutes or so, which is enough time to justify our claims that we have been sailing on the Mediterranean.

Slightly bummed but eager to explore, we searched the area for new options that would give us a unique perspective of Barcelona. Our epiphany came in the form of electric seated scooters. We rented three and cruised the city for two amazing hours. It was one of my trip highlights, and I captured all of it on my GoPro, which I shamelessly wore on my head for the duration of the ride. We cruised through a beautiful park, captivating city streets, and ended on the beachside paths.

With approximately 10 minutes left on our rental, Mike’s scooter ran out of battery, and he had to walk it a half mile back to the kiosk. We made it just in time.

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To end our time in Spain, we had a delicious seafood dinner on the beach and went home to bed. Hasta luego!

In my next post, I take a brief break from recounting my Europe adventures and attempt to conquer a deep-seated fear.