Jank AF

“Jank AF” is the best phrase Chris and I could muster to describe the Zero Gravity amusement park in Dallas. We ended up there after skydiving was postponed due to cloudy weather.

Jank, yes. But the park was also incredibly fun. It had five rides and about three employees. We purchased tickets to ride each one a single time and set off toward the tamest of the bunch first. Below, you’ll find videos of every ride except one.


We were the least scared on this, the most timid ride in the park:


This giant propeller was the most intense ride by far. So much so that I screamed the entire time. Unfortunately, the staff lost our video footage on this one, and we had to settle for free t-shirts or another ride. Nauseous and tired, we chose the shirts.

Texas Blastoff

This nausea inducing nightmare yielded the most screams and swears of the evening. We were so vocal about our fear that the operator sent us soaring a second time against our will:

Nothin’ But Net

I don’t think I’ve ever been more scared than when I stood on the platform of this ride, watching three people drop before me, like so:

Chris, safely back on the ground, filmed my fall and the corresponding scream:


We finished off our time at Zero Gravity with a seven-story, head first bungee jump. Note the egregious swearing in my video and the bloodcurdling scream in Chris’, which began before he actually jumped!

Here’s my jump:

And here’s Chris’:

We drove home and enjoyed too many libations to quell the remaining adrenaline. We also remembered after coming home that we still had skydiving rain checks. We’re hoping to use those in the next few months! Keep an eye out.

In my next post, Cole Tries Europe continues with Rome Day 2. Enjoy Rome Day 1 while you wait!