Different Strokes

At the very end of my crazy, travel-filled November, the team and I took an evening to unwind and celebrate Dylan’s birthday a bit late. Wine and painting won us over after constantly seeing images of people holding their creations on Instagram.


We arrived at Bottle and Bottega and popped the bottle as we nervously surveyed our environment. I’ve never been a proficient artist; I got a C on a project in sixth grade that involved cutting out countries and placing them on a map. My only points docked were for “bad cutting.” In fact, my crowning crafting achievement was the notably mediocre tiger hawk I carved into my pumpkin last Halloween. That’s my general baseline for pride-worthy crafting.


The class began, and the instructor emphasized that creativity was welcome and encouraged. This sent me over the moon, because my first color, which was supposed to be a dark blue, turned out to be black. Inspired by the creative atmosphere, I abandoned all pretense of replicating the sample photo exactly, instead opting to make a semblance of the Chicago skyline without much of the flashy detail in the original.


Much of the evening involved looking closely at my canvas in deep concentration, yielding results that I thought were subpar at worst, okay at best. After completing my painting–shooting stars, colorful water, and all–I leaned more toward the “okay” side.

Our final products turned out wonderfully, and my dad, notorious for his criticism of my artistic ability, said mine was second best of the bunch! I’ll leave it to you to decide where the rest ranked.

Once it was all over, we looked at everyone else’s projects. The one below struck me as particularly amazing and creative. Props to the gentleman who painted it, and thanks to Bottle and Bottega for a fantastic time!


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