The Climb

We dedicated our final day in Florence to most of the city’s tourism destinations. Florence, cut from the same cloth as Rome, will often show you two disparate sights at once. The city’s modern shopping areas flank its most beautiful cathedrals, galleries, and towers, so it’s not uncommon to see an ancient statue just across from an H&M. This charm completely enchanted us, and despite the near-constant misty drizzle, we vigorously absorbed as much of the gorgeous city as possible.

We headed to the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, a complex and intricate campus nestled in the heart of Florence. We climbed Il Duomo, the cathedral dome, where we treated ourselves to beautiful views of the city and its surrounding landscape, occasionally catching a glimpse of distant towns. After descending the dome, we explored the cathedral interior, another remarkable feat of art and architecture. Before we prepped for another climb, we walked through the Batistere (baptistery), a small building adorned with impeccably detailed artwork from top to bottom. Finally, we climbed the Campanile (bell tower). Exhausted and eager to escape the rain, we sat for a bit on one of the tower’s lower levels before finishing our ascent. Once we did, we discovered more breathtaking views, though they were slightly fogged by the mist.

The rest of our day was spent museum-trekking. The Uffizi gallery was our first stop–a gigantic building with seemingly infinite artworks. Once we took it all in, we went next-door to the Galileo museum, a three story marvel replete with shiny objects and too many fun facts to remember.

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Florence treated us to a fantastic night before our train tore us away the next morning. We ate at Cloud 59 once more, unable to resist the burgers, and had a few drinks, then tried an Irish bar just around the corner from our hotel. The bar had an open night running all evening, so we took in the music, bonded with some locals, and sipped on a few drinks. We headed back to get some sleep before our next adventure, sad we had to leave such a wonderful place so soon.