Piper and Bella aim to fetch more followers on Instagram using their dashing good looks and canine antics. I asked them both to speak in exchange for publicity and a few pupperoni treats! The interview below contains only their words, completely uncut and unedited.


First off, who’s a good girl?

Both: *Violent tail-wagging, barking, and running around in circles*

Tell me about yourselves. What are your names, what breeds are you, where do you live, and how old are you?

Piper: I’m Piper, and this is my new sister Bella! We are Brittany Spaniels.

Bella: Excusez-moi! I’m a French Brittany!

P: *rolls eyes and licks Bella’s face* We live in Tiffin, Iowa. I’m 1 and a half and Bella is 4 months. Our birthdays are exactly 1.5 years apart!


Walk me through a day in the life of Piper and Bella. What are your favorite activities?

P: I used to love napping during the day and eating poop-sickles outside, but ever since my humans brought Bella home, I spend most of my time making sure she knows which toys are mine (most of them) and which are hers (very few).

B: Oh my dog! I love making dad take me out every five minutes and drinking water and hiding under the treadmill and biting Piper’s ears! Sometimes I’ll rip the stuffing out of a toy just to show it who’s boss if I’m feeling especially ambitious.


Piper, you have quite a following on Instagram. How do you plan to build your social media presence? And where can we follow you?

P: Well, it’s a tough job, being this pretty! Im hoping Bella’s youth will win me a few million more followers. Or at least some extra treats! Howl at me at @prettypuppypiper!

Bella, do you plan to follow in your sister’s pawsteps and get a big instagram following? What’s your handle?

B: Oui! I hope my French roots will bring my selfies to an overseas audience (I can’t swim that far)! Also treats! You can walk with me at @taco.bella.brit (My humans love Taco Bell so much they named me after it.. sometimes I get a bite of tortilla when they bring it home).


Tell me about your mom and dad–what do they do?

P: Dad’s a stay-at-home puppy daddy that works with computers until he can be a pawliceman, and mom helps people with medicine, but she says humans don’t like their pills with peanut butter–weird!

B: Oh really?! I thought they were full-time pooper scoopers and dog walkers!!


Piper, what’s it like having another pup around?

P: It’s great having an extra pillow to lay on and someone even naughtier than me for the humans to scold. Also extra treats!


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