Just Keep Swimming

After two full days of exploring Venice, Mike and I encountered a small shop adorned with blue chairs, blue light, blue curtains, and blue fish tanks. Each tank undulated with a school of small fish, and two had pairs of tourist feet dunked into the water while the tank’s inhabitants went to town on their toes.


“Oh, it’s one of those fish foot massage places,” I told Mike, as if he hadn’t figured that out already, “Wanna try it?”

He hesitated for a moment, so I brought out the big guns. See, there are two antidotes for hesitant Mike. Option 1: Tell him you bet he can’t do something. We tried this in Barcelona, and it very nearly resulted in drunk Mike attempting to swim 100 yards into the dark, cold Mediterranean sea. Luckily, we stopped him. Option 2: Present the idea to him as if it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.


I chose option 2: “Mike, we’re in Venice on the vacation of a lifetime, and we’re standing in front of a fish foot massage parlor. When would we ever do this at home?”

Mike replied, simply, “Hell yeah, dude!”

We bought 10 minutes for 10 Euro, then washed our feet before dipping them into the tank.

My feet touched the water, and after quickly adjusting to the temperature, I submerged them completely. The fish swarmed my feet and within a second, 50 of my new best friends were hard at work relieving my feet of dead skin. The sensation initially tickled more than anything, but after a minute or so it faded to a faint tingle.

Naturally, the 10 minutes rushed by, and the fish seemed just as sad to see us go as we were to leave. We returned to the Venice walkways with refreshed feet and the lingering thrill of having tried something interesting.

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