Survey Says…

The Game Show Game Show lived up to every promise it made. Our night exploded with quirky challenges, wacky stunts, and quick wit the second the experience began.


The evening started with the 12 of us (the usual suspects and other friends and family) gathering for Erin’s birthday. We surprised her with the Game Show Game Show, donned sequined vests, and let our hosts lead us through an hour of wacky misadventures and challenges.

Standard trivia fare comprised most of the game show, with questions and miniature challenges peppered throughout the Jeopardy-style game board. Some questions had us singing verses to popular songs, others had us mimicking poses, and some required us to impersonate celebrities. Kaz and Bucky, our MC and host, respectively, charismatically led us through each and every question or challenge.

The second part of the experience emulated Family Feud, and the two sides of the room were evenly matched. The categories including “Things you’d find on a fast food burger” and “What might Barbie sell to make a few extra bucks.” We won the latter category by correctly guessing “Ken” as the last remaining answer.

Various individual and small group challenges took place every few minutes, including a tango race and jelly bean eating, and by the end of the experience we were all laughing and remembering the crazy antics we performed to win arbitrary points in a simulated game show.

Of course, as people do, we went to a bar afterwards and attempted to do handstands. Surprise, surprise, I didn’t do so well. Our friend Micah, however…see for yourself.