Written by Roger Yuen

Just Another Day in Paradise

When I first met my girlfriend (now wife), she expressed that she loved vacationing on remote paradise islands with white sand beaches. At the time, my only similar experience was a vacation with my guy friends in Cancun. Little did I know, her dream was to travel to islands on the Indian ocean 31 miles from the earth’s equator.


Five years later, we got engaged and started planning our honeymoon. We settled on the an over-the-water bungalow in the Maldives. To help curb some dollar signs, we worked the credit card game hard. From the time we got engaged to the day we actually booked our honeymoon we used cards that would earn us 2x to 3x in travel points. We both signed up for credit cards that would give us two free nights each (four nights total) at the hotel we were eyeing. After about 11 months of playing that credit card game, we booked our honeymoon, and it didn’t break the bank.

The journey to the Maldives is LONG. A sample route would be from Chicago to Hong Kong (16 hours), then from Hong Kong to Male (6 hours), then from Male to the islands (1 hour on propeller plane), and finally a speedboat to the resort (35min). The full travel time is just shy of 24 hours before you even get to the resort. Remote vacation, indeed!

Of course, such a beautiful place is best described with pictures. Enjoy!

And so it begins…
So clear and clean!
The other end of the island.
The bluest of blue.
The sunsets left us speechless.
Our friends canoeing in the Indian Ocean.
The overwater bungalow room.
Beachside dinner views.
The equator sun hits the water perfectly.
The sun is bright and incredibly strong.
Tiffany canoeing on our final day.
Leaving paradise.

If I had to sum it all up, I’d simply say that you should take visit the Maldives if given the opportunity! The islands are pricelessly beautiful, and I’ll remember them fondly forever.