Accio Trivia Knowledge

The past months have been jam-packed with Harry Potter activities for my friends and I.

We gallivanted around the Wizarding World at Universal Studios, attended a Harry Potter party, and generally shoehorned Harry Potter into our lives–of course, that last one is just normal.

Our trip to Harry Potter world wasn’t a new experience for me, but we DID take time to memorialize ourselves in a classic moving portrait. The results are below.

Weeks after our return, once the amusement park high had worn off, we attended an unofficial Harry Potter party at Chicago’s House of Blues. The event included a sorting ceremony, themed drinks, “wizard chess” (just a giant chess set), Quidditch pong, wand making, trivia, and some merch.

We strutted through most of the activities quickly. I made a wand after paying the employee outside the wandmaking room five bucks. This comprised caking a chopstick in hot glue, adorning said chopstick with marbles, and desperately hoping the marbles would stick longer than five minutes. Today, a month after the event, our wands sit on the coffee table, likely pretty certain that their journey ends in a dumpster. Still, they were fun to make.

Quidditch pong was terribly placed, and our “quaffles” kept falling down some nearby stairs or were otherwise hard to retrieve. That ended quickly.


Trivia was our main event. We passed the qualifying test with 15 correct answers out of 20. As they announced the finalist teams (there were 15), I wandered back from the bathroom to hear the rules. Each team was to send one representative to compete in the finals. My group selected me because Ravenclaw, duh.

The finals pitted me against five competitors. The trivia masters listed a category: creatures Harry studies in Care of Magical Creatures class. We had to list answers down the line without repeating until we got one wrong or couldn’t give an answer. I went fourth, correctly listing a blast-ended skrewt, to which the gentleman next to me replied: “I got nothing.” We began again, and I named grindylow. A stupid mistake. Everyone knows Harry studied those in Defense Against the Dark Arts. Still, the deed was done, and I was kicked off stage. Despite the embarrassment of losing, I can say I’ve performed on stage at the House of Blues. It’s a stretch, but so is Snape holding a grudge against an 11-year-old, and that didn’t seem to bug you that much!