“The Gods were eight. Then they were gone.”

Adam Gershon first told me he was writing a book at a Parks and Rec trivia night, where our team name was the most creative thing I’ve ever worked on. Of course “I’m Perd Hapley and ‘Trivia Team’ is the name of this Trivia Team” is a witty creation, but it pales in comparison to Adam’s debut novel, Ascension. Since I learned of his book, I hounded Adam via text until it released, eager to dive into his fantasy adventure.


I received Adam’s text a few months later: “My book is out on Amazon!” Two days following, my copy was delivered to my apartment. I devoured the novel and asked him to stop by for a short interview. Instead, we recorded for two hours. You can listen to the interview below! The first half is spoiler-free, and the latter half is reserved for those who’ve read the book. If you haven’t, buy it now in paperback or for Kindle!

If you can’t wait for more from the world of Ascension, follow Adam on his site.