“The Podfather” Was Taken

When I regale friends and family with my list of iconic must-see movies for my partnership with Kicking the Seat‘s Ian Simmons, few garner as heated a response as Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather. “You haven’t seen The Godfather?!” is almost always the retort, even as the mafia movie that started it all sits among such unseen greats as Jurassic ParkGhostbusters, and The Blues Brothers.


Continuing my journey through cinema with seasoned moviegoer Ian and ColeTries.com mainstay Erin, I finally saw the Brando-/Pacino-led epic. Before you ask: yes, I liked it. In our post-viewing discussion, I mentioned that I don’t think the hype was justified, but after allowing the story to stew and following a few hours of research, I think that claim was hasty. It’s a masterpiece, and my hat’s off to Brando despite his feud with my pop culture idol, Frank Sinatra.

As usual, I’ll avoid most of the discussion here and leave you to listen to the podcast where I gush about the acting, complain about Brando’s dialogue, and revolutionize the blogosphere by starting a blog mafia family. Of course, you can also hear my terrible Vito Corleone impression. Listen, then subscribe to and review the podcast on iTunes!

Listen to Kicking the Seat Episode 247: Pod-Mentality