One day, Daniel told Erin and I he wanted to adopt a cat. Two weeks later, Baloo wandered cautiously out of his cage to explore his new home. Now, he practically owns the place.


Despite our love for all things canine, Erin and I pounced at the opportunity to welcome Baloo to the family, especially because our agency won’t allow pups in the building. We thought Baloo would just be a hold-over until we move to a dog-friendly home, but instead, he quickly ascended to household staple, ‘podcat,’ fidget spinner pro, and king of the apartment.


Baloo spends most of his time sleeping, but he’s also frequently found waking us up eight times between the hours of 4:00 and 6:00 a.m. to be fed. Occasionally he assists with our recording sessions and attacks our fish tank. I could go on and on, but only pictures can do Baloo justice. For more, follow him on Instagram @BigCatBaloo, where he spits fire on the reg. Enjoy!