‘They’ Don’t Want Me to Have a Blog

“Major Key for real: don’t drive your jet ski in the dark.” DJ Khaled’s book overflows with hilarious quips and advice just like this gem, but it’s also packed with heart, genuine fan love, and encouragement. I picked up The Keys expecting a collection of platitudes and decent-at-best writing. Sure, some may say that’s exactly what’s here, but looking below the surface of this self-help manifesto/anthem to success left me feeling encouraged and inspired.

Khaled 2

The titular “keys” are easily digestible bits of advice. Things like “Secure the bag,” “Don’t listen to ‘they,'” and more. DJ Khaled dives deep into his catchphrases, explaining their origins, their meaning, and how they help him today. He regales readers with humbling stories of living in his car and the terrifying tale of his parents being robbed and forced to move in with a family member out of state. The elements here all come together in a glorious stew of inspiration, making it an easy fit to end my one year of Cole Tries anniversary campaign.

Khaled 3.jpg

I read through Khaled’s book and felt happy to be writing every week and sharing it with whoever cares to read. I felt good about the hard work I put into the project. I want to share that love and keep on going. I hope that if you read this, you’ll read more of ColeTries.com and stay tuned for the great things to come! Trust me, it’s a major key!