Veganism: The (Kinda) Sequel

I tried my hand at veganism, and I left the oft-snobby practice a more vehement fan of omnivorism than ever before. This isn’t to say, though, that I hated the actual vegan food, just the fact that I couldn’t consume the foods I love. Months after my stint as a vegan, I ventured back into the world of plant-based foods, but this time with a twist: I tested the “Impossible Burger” against its meat-comprised counterpart at Chicago’s Umami Burger.

The Impossible Burger claims to look and taste just like the…Possible Burger? Sure, let’s go with that. My friend Roger, who made his debut on with a post about his honeymoon, treated us to the challenge, excited to see whether we could discern which burger was, indeed, impossible. Of course, a mansplainer would say the impossible burger is, in fact, possible, and then stumble over his words because defining the possible vs. the impossible is more treacherous a mental task than many would think, just like wondering why your blog post about kitty wine only has 35 views.

The burgers, impossible and possible alike, arrived at our table fresh for our consumption. Both looked completely real and made of matter–so far, so good. I even struck a stupid pose to commemorate the occasion!


In all honesty, Erin and I had no difficulty whatsoever in determining which burger was the so-called impossible one. While identical in nearly every regard, the unmistakable plant-based patties gave it all away. But the taste test was our real mission, so we cut each burger in half and prepared for a taste-off. Here are a few pictures, in case you can’t imagine what a cut-in-half burger looks like:

Surprisingly, the Impossible Burger proved VERY similar to the meat burger. While the texture and subtle taste differences signaled the burger’s natural nature (HA!), we both thought it an above-average substitute for a humdrum burger within the realm of possibility. We even struck more dumb poses to mark the occasion!

Never has a burger made me ponder the world of the impossible, and the “Impossible Burger” is no exception.