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Long story short: I have referral links to services I use all the time, but I never share them. Below, find links to cool stuff that’ll streamline your life! Note: I may get a perk if you sign up!



“theSkimm makes it easier to be smarter,” their slogan says. Since I subscribed to theSkimm some months ago, I look forward to the newsletter every morning. It’s the one regular email I actually look forward to. theSkimm gives you a quick summary of the news you should know about in an easy-to-understand voice. They also offer an app that syncs to your calendar and keeps you up-to-date political, cultural, and entertainment events! Subscribe here.



Acorns tracks your spending and rounds every purchase up to the next dollar, then invests that change so you can save a bit of money and diversify your portfolio, which is something I’ve heard smart people say. If you sign up with my link, we’ll each get a $5 bonus! More info here.



Honey is sweet (terrible pun intended). This browser plugin tests tons of coupon codes with one click when you make an online purchase and applies the best one for you. It also searches Amazon for more economical deals from different sellers. The HoneyGold program gives you cash back on eligible purchases, too! It’s already saved hundreds of dollars. Sign up and install here.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club

This one’s simple! Sign up, get cheap razors delivered to your house once per month. They also have a veritable smorgasbord of other grooming products. I’m a longtime user and big fan! Join the club.



Wikibuy is super similar to Honey, but it has a few slight differences. It’ll test codes with one click and get you cash back (using Ebates). While you’re shopping, it’ll tell you if a different store (i.e. eBay) has the same product at a cheaper price! I often use this and Honey together to find the best deal. Sign up and install here.

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