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Cole Tries is now an Amazon Affiliate! Shop now!

What is the Amazon Affiliate program?

Amazon Affiliates is a way for online creators to earn extra revenue by driving traffic to Amazon. It allows flexible advertising and helpful revenue boosts without requiring too much sacrifice on the creator’s part.

What does this mean?

  1. You may see product hyperlinks or ads within my posts. If you click through and purchase an item, I get a small commission!
  2. I also have a Shop Amazon link. If you replace your current Amazon bookmark with this one, you can support with every Amazon purchase! Nothing will change for you–same old reliable Amazon; you’re just using a different URL to get there!

Why are you introducing this now?

Mainly, I’m experimenting with the platform and getting used to how it works. I have a number of other media projects in the works, and the Amazon Affiliate program will be very helpful as they come to fruition. Consider this research and experimentation with a new platform.

What types of products will you advertise?

I will only ever include a link to a product if it relates to the post in which it appears.

What will you do with the money you earn?

I don’t anticipate any meaningful revenue initially, but any money I do make will go back to the blog in some way, for example:

  • Paying for new things to try.
  • Website hosting fees.
  • Advertising for more engagement.

What about the ads at the bottom of each post and in the sidebar?

Those ads are curated and placed by WordAds and have nothing to do with the Amazon Affiliate program. Any Amazon placements will come earlier in posts or as hyperlinks.

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